Our Team

Our Mission

New Age Elite Sports was founded in Raleigh, NC in 2012 to develop fundamentally sound players through detailed, knowledgeable, and dynamic teaching, demonstrations and innovative drills.  The staff at New Age Elite Sports bring an enthusiastic and energtic environment for players at every session.  Our basketball skill trainers strive to be positive role models for athletes, promoting life skills such as persistence, hard work and commitment through athletics. Though we want to bring the best out of each of our athletes, the main goal is that each through athletics we can help athletes attain funding for higher education.

Mission Statement

“The mission of New Age Elite Sports is to not only provide skill development for athletes, but also character development, which will allow athletes to be successful in all aspects of life

Training Options

Individual Training

Training with a group is important, but 1-on-1 workouts are paramount in the development of proper fundamentals.  Players master the basic concepts of the game before advancing to Collegiate and NBA style workouts, perfect for improving individual offensive skills.  Each workout will be tailored made for each individual depending on playing experience and skill level, so each player will be able to see the progress made throughout each session.

Group Training

Group workouts of 2-4 players allow for situational competition, motivation, and workout variations to keep players fresh. Group sessions are great for teammates looking for ways to workout on their own. We will give you the tools to work on your game on our own.


Clinics offer players the opportunities to train for position specific workouts. Team clinics offers teams the opportunity to build team chemistry while also working on individual weaknesses. Contact us for more info on team clinics

Skill Coaches

  • Bryan Burrell
    Bryan Burrell is the owner of New Age Elite Sports and the lead basketball skill development trainer. He played collegiate basketball at Gardner-Webb University, a...
  • David Brown
    David Brown is an integral member of New Age Elite Sports in Orlando, Florida. He serves as a Pro Skill Development trainer as well as...