Every time I workout with Bryan Burrell of New Age Elite Sports I feel like a better basketball player. Every workout he always brings out something in me that I didn't know I had. His helped me progress a lot not only as a basketball player but as a person. Thank you New Age Elite Sports!

Chris Carter, Long Island Brooklyn University

"Working out with New Age Elite's Skills Trainer David Brown has been amazing for me in my basketball career. He doesn't just do the basic drills you always see. He uses his imagination and basketball knowledge to create a workout custom to you to really get you better. He will push you and make sure you hold yourself accountable. I've enjoyed my time with David in all aspects. I know he is dedicated to making me a better basketball player and person on and off the court. I always look forward to getting on the court with David!"

Mike Kaufman, Overseas Professional

Bryan Burrell has had an enormous impact on my life. I have loved the game of basketball since I was very young and I would always try to work hard and be the best I could. When I started working out with Bryan I noticed my game was starting to become more mature and developed. Bryan does a phenomenal job at teaching the proper skills and fundamentals that every player needs to play basketball. I was shocked to see how quickly I was noticing results and improvements from the workouts. He has been an outstanding role model and mentor for me to follow these last few years and I am truly blessed I have been given the opportunity to workout with him. He always comes into workouts with energy, enthusiasm, and a willing spirit to help me get better and become the best player I can be. He is truly an amazing person.

Douglas Elks, Ravenscroft School