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Consistency Shooting Challenge

1. Players 1 and 2 will begin at the halfcourt line without basketballs facing their partners. Both players will sprint towards the 3pt line and receive passes from their partners for catch-and-shoot jumper. 2. If the shooters make their shots, they will back pedal to the half-court line and return for a second shot. 3.…
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6 Ways To Earn Playing Time

The season is a few weeks away! Players across the nation are finishing up their pre-season workouts in anticipation of making this a season that will not be forgotten! There is one thing that each player no matter the sport they participate in will have in common: every one wants playing time. The important thing…
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How to Improve During Pick-up Basketball

There’s nothing like getting the opportunity to compete in front of a packed gym while representing your school! The season is a few months away, but players across the nation are continuing to work and prepare to make this the best season yet. Working out individually is great for sharpening your tools, but pick-up basketball…
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Maximize Your Potential

Each basketball player is born with a different set of tools and gifts. Some players are 7’0 foot tall or in Muggsy Bogues’ case, 5 feet 3 inches, making him the shortest player in NBA history! Though each player has different traits and abilities, they all have one thing in common— the desire to be…
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