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1000 Shot Challenge

The greatest shooters in history all have one trait in common, and that trait is confidence! The best shooters can miss 3 in a row and still have the confidence that the 4th shot will go in. That confidence is built from having the proper preparation before game time. This week I'm challenging you to make 1000 purposeful…
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AAU Basketball Live Period Tips

There are two weeks left in the AAU Live Period, and coaches are traveling throughout the country looking for players that will help them win during the winter. One of the most talked about stat in any level of basketball is PPG (Points Per Game). It’s the first thing player’s mention when they are asked,…
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Small Forward Off-Season Blueprint

In the third edition of the off-season blueprint for players we will be breaking down the small forward position. This position typically has a major impact on both ends of the floor, affecting the game with length, athleticism, and versatility. If you look historically at the position, each of the greats carved out their own…
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Shooting Guard Off-Season Blueprint

In the second edition of off-season blueprint for players we will be focusing on the shooting guard position. Historically some of the greatest players to arguably ever play basketball played the shooting guard position. It’s a position that if played well on both ends of the floor, could be a major asset in most team’s…
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