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Interview With Devin Williams – Director and Editor of 10000 hours

Devin Williams developed the series 10000 hours that has captured a great following world wide. With the success of 10000 hours, Devin has been given opportunity to direct and edit other documentaries as well. Most recently he has finished a series titled "A Season's Worth". Which featured rising high school senior point guard, Trevor Dunbar who is also known…
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Maintenance of an Indoor Basketball Court

Did you think that managing an indoor basketball court is a piece of cake? Well, you were wrong. There is a lot of maintenance work regarding the court itself but also regarding the changing rooms and showers. How to preserve the hardwood floor This is the most important aspect of maintenance. To begin with, the…
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For the Love of Sport

  Following a sport like football (or any other sport, or any hobby, or anything whatsoever) is now easier than ever for fans who follow it online. In fact, Web tools for and created by fans are so powerful, any sports lover has the power to know as much as recognised experts. Some of us…
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Why Is Skydiving So Addictive?

Lots of people find skydiving dangerous and nerve-wrecking, and they would never do it for all the money in the world; others are overly-excited while waiting for the jumping instructor to finish their training and give them the green lights to jump. They are usually the people who have always dreamed about being able to…
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