1000 Shot Challenge

The greatest shooters in history all have one trait in common, and that trait is confidence! The best shooters can miss 3 in a row and still have the confidence that the 4th shot will go in. That confidence is built from having the proper preparation before game time. This week I'm challenging you to make 1000 purposeful shots. 1000 shots made at game speed, and 1000 shots that will be help you continue to build the confidence needed to take the big shot this winter when the season starts! 

1000 Shot Workout Plan

  •  Monday - Friday
  • 200 Made shots each day
  • All 200 shots must be made in under 30-45 minutes (This will make sure you're going game speed!)

Shots Made

  • 20 Free throws
  • 20 (2) Dribble lay-ins. Alternate finishing hands. Start at the top of the key. 
  • 20 Catch and shoot from left elbow
  • 20 Catch and shoot from right elbow
  • 20 Alternating (1) dribble pull ups. Start at the top of the key
  • 20 Free throws
  • 20 Catch and shoot 3s. Make 5 from both corners, both wings, and top of the key. 5 spot shooting. 
  • 20 Shot-fake into (1) dribble pull ups going left.
  • 20 Shot-fake into (1) dribble pull ups going right.
  • 20 Off the dribble jumpers (alternate moves, 3 dribbles max). Shoot mid-range jumpers. 

* It's a great series to do with a workout partner, grab a partner this week and get after it! Work hard. Work smart and dominate the competition! 

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