6 Ways To Earn Playing Time

The season is a few weeks away! Players across the nation are finishing up their pre-season workouts in anticipation of making this a season that will not be forgotten! There is one thing that each player no matter the sport they participate in will have in common: every one wants playing time. The important thing to remember is that playing time will always be earned, and not given! Here are a few tips that will help make sure you’re putting yourself in position to get the playing time you want! 

1. Compete! Don’t get complacent with one great day in try-outs or practice. Consistently strive to be the best player you can be, and not only will you continue to improve but you’ll make your team even better! 

2. Defend! Every coach and team needs someone that will step up to the challenge and shut down the opposing team’s best players! Defend, and you’ll always be a valuable asset on your team.

3. Play to your strengths! If your strength is shooting, shoot. If you’re a playmaker, make the game easier for your teammates. Be the ‘best you’ daily, and your strengths will shine! 

4. Be coachable! “Yes sir, Yes m’am” when addressing your coaches at all times! Listen with not only your ears, but also your eyes. When a coach is instructing you or the team, be sure to listen so a coach doesn’t have to repeat themselves! I guarantee, if you’re coachable and always working to do the right things, your coach will take notice! 

5. Take pride in bringing positive energy! Being an energy giver will not only get you going daily, but it’ll get your teammates going. There’s no better time than getting a chance to compete for a common goal with your teammates. Enjoy it, be a great teammate, and you’ll create a chemistry that will help you play better with your team.

6. Take care of the basketball! Less is always more when it comes to offense. A coach will rather have you be simple and effective, than flashy and inconsistent! If the coach knows you value the basketball, you’ll gain their trust! 

You’ll notice that none of the above listed the ability to dunk, scoring 20 points per game, or being at 6’8 235lbs. Will those attributes help you gain playing time? Absolutely. Are those the only attributes that will help you be successful on the court? Absolutely not! Play hard, believe in yourself, and leave it all on the court!

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