Maximize Your Potential

Each basketball player is born with a different set of tools and gifts. Some players are 7’0 foot tall or in Muggsy Bogues’ case, 5 feet 3 inches, making him the shortest player in NBA history! Though each player has different traits and abilities, they all have one thing in common— the desire to be the best. The question is, how do we turn our potential into reality? I believe if you put the next 3 tips into action, you will give yourself an even better opportunity to rise above the competition. 

1. What’s your ‘why’? 

Why do you play? If you can simply answer that question, that will drive you to push yourself on the days you may not feel like working out. Your ‘why’ will get you up early in the morning, when you feel like sleeping in. Your ‘why’ will make sure you are taking care of your school work daily, because you know you want to play at the collegiate level! Once you figure out your ‘why,’ you’ve figured out your fuel that will enable you to keep going! 

2. Leave your comfort zone

We all naturally want to stay inside our comfort zone. The players that learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable are the players that separate themselves. What exactly does that mean? When it’s time to run sprints, do you run just to complete them or do you run to push yourself? When you’re doing a workout, do you just put up shots to say you’ve done it or do you go game speed during each rep, even when you’re tired? It all adds up to maximizing your potential! 

3. Believe in yourself 

The best players believe in themselves. Whether their team needs a basket to win with 10 seconds left on the clock or they’ve missed 4 in a row and need to knock down the 5th, they continue to believe! This may have been the last tip, but I believe it’s the most important. Be humble but always confident when you step on the court. The greatest players have confidence whether others believe they are the best or not, do you?

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