Training Options

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Online Training

Elite Player Access members will receive a database of over 300 skills and drills to take with you to the gym and be able to access them on your mobile device. Members will be able to follow a monthly plan, or create custom workouts to work on their games! Online training is a great tool to help you prepare during the off-season, and stay sharp during the season! 

Monthly SubscriptionThree Month SubscriptionYearly Subscription (Best Value)
$24.95 ($5 Discount)
$100 ($20 Discount) 
Individual Training

Training with a group is important, but 1-on-1 workouts are paramount in the development of proper fundamentals.  Players master the basic concepts of the game before advancing to Collegiate and NBA style workouts, perfect for improving individual offensive skills.  Each workout will be tailored made for each individual depending on playing experience and skill level, so each player will be able to see the progress made throughout each session.

Single SessionFour SessionsEight Sessions
$180 ($20 Discount)
$360 ($40 Discount)
Group Training

Group workouts of 2-4 players allow for situational competition, motivation, and workout variations to keep players fresh. Group sessions are great for teammates looking for ways to workout on their own. We will give you the tools to work on your game on our own.

Single SessionFour SessionsEight Sessions

Clinics offer players the opportunities to train for position specific workouts. Team clinics offers teams the opportunity to build team chemistry while also working on individual weaknesses. Contact us for more info on team clinics